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Nigerian Military Accused of Perpetrating Thousands of Forced Abortions

stunning Reuters investigation has concluded that the Nigerian military is responsible for at least 10,000 forced abortions. Over the past nine years, women and girls as young as 12, who were as many as eight months pregnant, were subjected to forcible abortions without their consent or knowledge. At least some women died as a result of these forced abortions.

“What the Nigerian military stands accused of perpetrating is astounding,” said Catherine Glenn Foster, President & CEO of Americans United for Life. “I am proud of my time spent working in Nigeria, so it is from a place of profound sadness that I discovered this investigative report. One of those responsible for this atrocity suggested they were powerless, simply following orders. Where have we heard that before?”

“Coercive and forced abortions take place everywhere that abortion is available,” continued Catherine Glenn Foster. “We must work toward a world where abortion is universally recognized as a crime against humanity and where women and their children are provided true and free choices that affirm the value of their lives, whatever their circumstances.”

Reuters’ investigative report includes the tragic experience of a young woman, aged 14 or 15, named Hafsat who was forced to undergo an abortion. Hafsat was injected and left to bleed profusely as the abortion process began. She reportedly “just went quiet,” after crying out for help that never came. Hafsat’s body was wrapped and buried by a soldier quoted as saying, “I can’t forget her name.”

Americans United for Life demands United Nations and U.S. Congressional investigations into the atrocious human rights crimes alleged by this Reuters investigation.

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